Why do we suggest 3-4 hours for one song?

As multi-platinum and grammy-award nominated engineers/producers, we are proud of the quality we offer to artists. To make a song sound like the ones you hear on the radio, we need time to take care of small details and make sure everything is perfect for your song. It didn’t take 1 hour to finish “Location” by Khalid, you know?

In 4 hours we’ll give you a great-sounding song that you will be very happy with. In 5 hours we’ll do a more detailed job that will set you apart from other artists, since we have time to get even more creative with the mix and take care of small details that require a little longer to work on.

Can we give you an exported file within 1 or 2 hours? Of course! And if you ask us to do that, we will, and it will still probably sound better than what you get at a home studio and even other commercial studios. But then again, we want your music to have the same quality as top charting artists, so we still suggest booking enough time for that.

This is how we split those 4 hours:

  • 1 hour for recording (feel free to book more, in case you feel like doing a few extra takes).
  • 2 hours for editing. During this process, we remove salivas, clicks, pops, and any other unwanted vocal noises from the recording. Lip smacking can be cool for ASMR, but not so much in music. We even go as deep as removing sounds in between words, not just cutting out silence. We also manually pitch correct vocals, since auto-tune will not automatically know how to do the best pitch correction for your performance, this is true even if you’d like to have the auto-tune effect. Trust us, manually working on pitch correction will make you sound way smoother than just throwing auto-tune on it. And on top of that, we make small timing correction and vocal alignment for background vocals, so they don’t sound all over the place.
  • 1 hour for mixing/mastering. This is were we EQ, compress, and add effects to your vocals so they blend in as nice as possible to your track. We include mastering from LANDR in this package or you can get your tracks mastered by our 2-time grammy award winning mastering engineer for an additional $125.

We encourage you to book an attended session, at least once, so you see all the crazy stuff we do to make songs sound awesome!

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