Revision Guidelines

Thanks for choosing Beacon Hill for your projects! We want to make sure that your project is just what you envision. Because of that, we provide all artists with 2 free rounds of revisions after receiving their files. To make sure all changes are done correctly and communication goes smoothly as possible, we have some guidelines for revisions submissions below.

What is a revision?

Revisions are small changes to the editing, mixing, and mastering processes of your project that typically take no more than 15-30 minutes to perform. These could ask to turn up a vocal, change amount of reverb, or process an element of the project in a different way. Re-recordings are not considered revisions, as they are approved at the end of the session in the studio. We should have asked you in a thorough way what direction you would like for your project so that when we deliver your files, there are only minor adjustments to be done.

Revision Policy

  • Artists are provided with 2 free rounds of revisions. By rounds we mean all the comments that are submitted for a project at once. For example, one round might have requests to turn up the vocals, turn the reverb down, and add distortion to an element of a song. All these together will count as one round, as long as they are submitted at the same time. 
  • After the 2nd round of revisions, if there are any changes previously requested that were not done correctly by us, we will keep working on them until we get them right. However, if there are any requests that haven’t been mentioned previously, a $35 dollar fee will apply for any extra rounds of revisions.
  • Revisions must be requested within 3 business days after we have delivered the files. After that, all projects will be considered approved and any revisions requests will cause a $35 dollar fee.
  • If there are any additional fees to cover, a payment request will be active next to the comments tab in order to download your project when we send you the revised files.

How to submit revisions

  • We will email you a link to your files. When you click on the link you will be able to hear your song through our web player and request revisions in the comment section below the waveform. Please be as descriptive as possible when making requests. Feel free to use song references if there is a specific effect or treatment you have heard in other songs that you would like to apply to yours.
  • In the first comment, we will leave a link to a form you will be able to submit to let us know you have requested revisions or approved the song. Please make sure to fill out the form when you request revisions, as this will let us know when your submission was done and how fast you will like to get your revised files back.
  • If the files are approved, (if applicable) we will send you the session files, instrumental, a cappella, and performance mixes, and multitrack within the following 5 business days. Please check your spam or junk folders in the following days if you don’t see the files in your main inbox, since the files will expire after a week from when we send them, after which they will be permanently deleted from our hard drives.