How To Record Using Spire


Initial Setup
Creating a Project
Performing a Soundcheck
Punch In
Exporting Files

Initial Setup

  1. Before you can start recording, make sure to set up the app correctly by following the steps below:
  2. Install and open the Spire app (click here to download).
  3. Then, select “Using my phone only” in the welcome screen.
  4. Accept the license agreement.
  5. tap “Skip for now” in the login screen.
  6. Give the app access to your microphone in the next screen.
  7. It will then ask you if you would like to get notifications from the app, this step is completely up to you. The app should work even if you don’t accept getting notifications from it.

Creating a Project

Tap the import button to select a beat/instrumental to use.

Select Browse.

Tap “Locations” or “Browse” on the top left corner.

Once you see all your locations. Select the location of your beat/instrumental. In our case, we saved it in our phone, inside a folder named “Beats”. Our file name is “Instrumental WAV”. The location of your beat might be different, depending on where you chose to save it, so make sure to go to its location and select the correct file.

After selecting your file. Your project has been created! Your screen should look like the picture below:

Performing a Sound Check

Before recording, it’s a good idea to use Spire Studio’s Soundcheck feature to make sure you will be recording at an optimal level. Performing a Soundcheck with Spire Studio is easy!

  • Make sure your Spire app is capturing sound. The meter surrounding the record button on the Spire app should be reacting to any sounds that the microphone is hearing. We recommend using wired headphones with an integrated microphone to record, as this will reduce any feedback from playback. Bluetooth headphones might cause latency, which can make your voice sound off-beat.
  • Press “Monitoring” to be able to listen to yourself through your headphones. This option is only available while using headphones.
  • Press “Soundcheck”. The Spire app will listen for 5 seconds.
  • During that 5 seconds, sing or play at your normal volume. It is recommended to play the beat and then press “Soundcheck”, that way you will be a little more sure about singing or rapping at the volume you will be while recording.
  • Spire app will adjust its input level accordingly.


To start recording, just press the record button. A new track will be created every time you press the record button again, so you can record more layers like doubles, harmonies, ad libs, etc.

Punch In

Punching in allows you to record over a portion of a previously recorded track, overwriting the previous audio. The Spire app allows you to punch in and record over a track at the time of your choice! To start, go to the edit tab and select the track you’d like to record over by touching its waveform:

Next, set the cursor to the spot where you would like to start recording over this track by dragging the circle at the bottom left or right or simply pause playback at the spot where you want to start recording. To zoom in and make a more detailed selection, keep the circle pressed for a few seconds.

After selecting the spot where you want to start recording, press the red Record button at the bottom of the project to punch in! The app will provide a 1 bar lead-in to the spot you chose in the previous step.

If you would like to record more layers after punching in on a track, create a new track by tapping on the empty space below to avoid overwriting any recordings you would like to keep.


After you have recorded all of your tracks, the Mix Tab makes it easy to create a rough mix of your song.

In the Mix Tab, all tracks are panned to center by default. Use the numbers on the left side of the window to select which track you want to control. If you have created icons for your tracks in the Edit panel, those will show instead of the track numbers.

After selecting your track, drag the corresponding circle to your desired spot within the mix area. Dragging the circle up/down will adjust the volume level of the track while dragging left/right adjusts panning. You may also toggle your track between Stereo and Mono using the button indicated below:

Exporting Files

To export the files and send them to us for editing, mixing, and mastering, press the export button on the top right corner.

Press “Spire Project” at the bottom left of the screen.

Select “Share via link” and email it to us at [email protected]

That’s it! we’ll be able to download the stems from your project and start editing, mixing, and mastering!